We offer three types of licenses that include unlimited multiple online uses in perpetuity

1. Unlimited Online

Use In An Unlimited End Products - $19

YouTube, Vimeo, Podcasts.
Social Media, streaming, Presentations.
Slideshows, Websites, Animations.
Use in multiple online videos and web-based projects worldwide.
Personal & commercial projects for your clients.
Social media monetization.
Pay Once, Use Forever.
Non broadcast usage.

2. Local Broadcast

Use In One Local Broadcast End Product - $99

All Unlimited Online +
TV/Radio local broadcast.
Music On Hold, Live Show, Show Room.
Indie Film & Festival.
Use in a single Local broadcast advertisement up to 10 million audience size.
Unlimited Online license.
Music On Hold for a single business.
Play on live show events up to 1 million audience size.

3. International Broadcast

Use In One International Broadcast End Product - $199

All Local Broadcast +
TV/Radio international broadcast.
Apps & Games, Film & Cinema.
Audiobook, Unlimited Copies.
Use in a single international broadcast advertisement for unlimited audience size.
Includes Local Broadcast license.
Unlimited Copies of downloaded or physical products (e.g. apps, DVDs, video games).