Sound Of Borneo
$19.00 - $199.00

  • Sound Of Borneo

Sound Of Borneo
$19.00 - $199.00

Category : Atmosphere, Drama, Promos, Orchestral, Film Score


Warm and floating featuring pulsing piano, smooth vocal aahs, reflective vocal textures, soothing strings, emotive guitar strumming, underlying atmospheric textures, mysterious ethnic sape and tribal percussion that create a meditative, carefree and peaceful mood.

Song Versions Are Included :
1. Sound Of Borneo - Full Version - 3:20
2. Sound Of Borneo - No Vocal - 3:20
3. Sound Of Borneo - Short Version 1 - 2:11
4. Sound Of Borneo - Short Version 2 - No Vocal - 2:11
5. Sound Of Borneo - Short Version 3 - No Vocal - 1:16


Artist: Aorus Music
Featuring: Andy Machdar
Looped Audio: No
Cleared for Sampling: Yes
Audio Files Included: MP3, WAV
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Sample Rate: 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
Main Track Length: 3:20
Tempo (BPM) : 70
Publisher : Unicorn International Music Publishing (ASCAP)
P.R.O. Affiliated : United States ASCAP
YouTube Content ID Registered: Yes
YouTube Content ID Administered By: Adrev
Purchase Includes: 5 Versions

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